When I  Photograph Your Wedding...

I want to be that extra maid of honor when you need a helping hand. I want to be your go to gal. I want to know everything there is to know about your wedding. What you're passionate about, excited about, nervous about. Because this is usually your first go around with planning a wedding, I am here as your best friend.


Can't find your shoes? I got 'em. Is the reception decor setup? I'll check it out.


My perfectionist ways and organized nature will help perfect that wedding timeline you may be a little unsure about. With wedding photography and wedding planning/coordinating experience, I can share all my little secrets. When should we take pictures? How should the days events be organized? And more importantly, how much time should you save for each activity? I'm your go-to FAQ headquarters. Shoot me a text, email, Facebook message - day or night. Ask me if your self tanner is too dark; send me Pinterest "dream wedding" ideas. I'd love to be your BFF. 


I love weddings, and I want you to love yours! With less on your plate, and a friend by your side, we can do this.

You've Got This!