Faux Wedding Cake | Money Smart Alternative

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Wedding cakes can cut into your budget a lot more than you originally thought. In Columbia, MO the average wedding cake costs between $400 - $630 depending on the number of guests and design.

I work with Blue Diamond Events and together we made a faux wedding cake, perfect for the budget conscious bride. It's only $75 for a day rental and you can decorate it with flowers, ribbon, and greenery that match your decor. It also includes the beautiful gold "LOVE" cake topper if it matches your theme.

It has a beautiful buttercream texture and it is super light weight. Add a top layer of real cake to do the cake cutting then have the bakers take the cake to the kitchen and cut up sheet cake for your guests. You could also have cupcakes for the cake cutting if you do not want to add a top layer.

Take a look below.

The one on the right (with the blue ribbon) is a real cake at a wedding I shot a while back. Tricked you, right? The one on the left (with the "love" cake topper) is fake!

Rent this cake here!