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When I arrive at the beginning of your wedding day (whether that be early morning before hair and makeup or mid afternoon final touch-ups) I will need a box of your details. Have someone, a friend, mother-in-law, or bridesmaid, make sure you have all your items together so I can quickly find an area to shoot the details and get back to you. 

Below is a starter list of items so you can get an idea of what I need in this box. Of course you can add other sentimental items and props but we will get to that later.

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Flat lays are a gorgeous way to stylize a group of props. Basically a flat lay is a photo taken from above. It can include any small items like wedding rings, invitations, shoes, or bowties. To make the image more beautiful, I like to add in props that fit the theme such as a matching ribbon, small flowers, vintage fabrics, or anything else that makes the shot more textured and interesting. I love when brides bring little items that I can throw into detail shots. Be creative! Check out my Pinterest inspiration board to the right for more examples of flat lays and details shots.


I might steal your dress. Not forever of course! But I may need to take it to a better lit area, like the lobby of the hotel you are getting ready at, outside the venue, etc. Don't fret. I will bring your dress and your details back right away! 


Depending on your timeline, I may take the photos of reception details before or after the ceremony. I will plan out all of this with you beforehand so I don't have to take any time away from bridal portraits. 

One thing I ask all my brides to fill out is a shot list form. This allows me to see what are the most important things you want captured on your wedding day. You can find this form here.


Other great ideas for details are makeup products such as the lipstick you are wearing or an eye shadow palette. These can add a colorful touch to your images. A fancy perfume is also a fun prop to add next to your rings, dress, or shoes. Let me know if you need any other prop ideas for the detail photography.

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